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KZSVS - An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

About KZSVS - Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan

KZSVS aims to improve the quality of life of poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society in Kandhamal district of Odisha through community empowerment.

KZSVS is a leading voluntary organization established at Daringbadi in the year of 2004 for aim to provide social and economic service to rural poor and tribal resided in hill and remote area. It is a unique organization aim to rejuvenate the use herbal & medicinal plant for treatment of different disease which is more economical and accessible to tribal poor. Besides it also provides various other social, educational, economical services to the rural poor.


We envisage a society, where men & women, irrespective of caste or class, race or religion, leaving in communities would be leading a life of dignity through certain system of self-determination and self reliance by co-operation, participation , love, sharing, caring & respect towards each other . Working in the field of peace building process.
To bring a Global change in the field of traditional system of Indian medicine, medicinal plant, yoga & naturopathy & free of oppression egalitarian society and for equal opportunities for all men women with full human right.


Our mission is to establish a free society where all people can live with equality, unity in diversity, to reach the goal of sustainance of Education of traditional system of Indian medicine & medicinal plants. For socio-economic, environmental and cultural development, under the own leadership, we propagate good news to bring out community ,transformation, and peacemaking. We are committed to work for the empowerment and advancement of the women, tribal, dalits and minority communities through people’s participatory process and a new vision of green revolution is awaiting & required for the world.


Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan aims at social, cultural, vocational & educational development of the women and other weaker section of the ST,SC,OBC and minority communities. Focus and development appropriates skills among the youth women for income generation along with food security. KZSVS aims at a gender- just society and strives for women empowerment.

Our Approach

Programmatic approach to a large issue seems to be viable than project approach. For sustainability of the programme, KZSVS designed all the programmes through a demand driven, need based, people centered and participatory approach. We have obtained cooperation and support from the people in and out the field through our experience and dedicated staff members


KZSVS is a civil society organization evolved in the year of 2004 for going ahead for social transformation and renaissance in Kandhamal District in Orissa State. Kandhamal District is one among the highly vulnerable and backward district in the state so far as livelihood, education, health and communication is concerned. KZSVS has been constituted by a band of like minded social activists and dedicated volunteers having a passion to serve the people in need. The founder of the organization, Dr. Dinabandhu Maharana has extensive experience in the field of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences. KZSVS organises Naturopathy Awareness Programme for general public, women, school & college students etc.

KZSVS Legal Status

Registration -
Organization Name: KZSVS-(Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan)
KZSVS is registered under socaity registration Act XXI 1860
Registration# - PBN-3558/284 dated 19th Feb 2007

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act,1976
12 AA of the Income Tax Act 1961
80 G (5)(vi)of Income Tax Act 1961

TAN# - BBNK01169A

Our Team

KZSVS has a core team of professionals having extensive sectoral experience in sustainable agriculture, millets based farming system, rural livelihood, land and forest tenure, community empowerment and issues related to food security. The organization also hires the services of consultants/subject specialists as and when required

Our Executive Committee

KZSVS is governed by its Executive Committee that provides visionary leadership & frames policy for the organization. The members who are nominated by the general body have rich experience on rural development, sustainable agriculture, strengthening livelihood, cooperatives, human-environmental system, natural resource governance& conservation of bio-diversity

Our Partners

Current Funding Partners

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